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The company

Granaria Holdings B.V. was founded on October 1, 1912 by Louis Wyler. Initially he operated as a grain broker between German cooperatives and Dutch farmers. Soon Louis Wyler became a principal and moved the company to Rotterdam.

After the company was seized during the Second World war, Louis Wyler returned and together with son Martin and nephew Sam he made a new start. They grew Granaria to become a leading European grain and feed trading company.


In 1982 Joel and Danny succeeded their father and continued to grow the business. The Wyler family expanded the business into an investment company, acquiring a nut processing company which, headquartered in The Netherlands, became the largest nut and dried fruit processing company in Europe. Today, Granaria is a financial holding company that holds and looks for investments in companies mainly in The Netherlands and also in Europe, the USA, South America, and Asia. Granaria also conducts feasibility studies for investments and provides financial management and advice.